What is the turtle library in Python?

turtle is a pre-installed Python library that enables users to create pictures and shapes by providing them with a virtual canvas.

The turtle module provides turtle graphics primitives, in both object-oriented and procedure-oriented ways. Because it uses Tkinter for the underlying graphics

How to Use turtle library to make graphics?

  1. Install and import the library:
    (command for installation)
    (import at the top of project.py file)
  2. Initialize the variable, which you’ll then use throughout the program to refer to the turtle:
    you can use any variable instead of “c”.
  3. Now, to open the turtle screen, you initialize a variable for it in the…


How to Implement sign-in with Google ?:

  1. Click on Credentials, click Create Credential.
  2. Select your application type.
  3. Give a name to your application.
  4. Put URI for Authorized JavaScript origins and Authorized redirect URIs.
  5. Copy Client ID and Client Secret and add into app.js file.

Create a button so that it will redirect to sign-in with the google page.



As we create our website or web app for users to use, then these users are going to generate data on the website.
Example: They might like some posts, they might interact with other users or might create messages, etc.

And to associate these data with the individual user, we need to create an account, for each user. So they would sign up with a user account and password. And we would create a kind of like ID card for them, to uniquely identify on the database, and to save data that they’ve generated onto the account. So…

Certification indicates that you meet a certain standard of competence and can give you a competitive advantage, more job opportunities, a higher pay scale, and job security

Crowdsource by google has organized an Explore ML program designed by Google to enable university students to learn about the fundamentals of Machine Learning through instructor-led training and hands-on exercises.

➤Free workshop.

➤ Learn about Machine Learning concepts from Google-trained facilitators.

➤ Understand how Machine Learning can help build scalable solutions.

➤ Get a Google certificate after completing the workshop.

Last date to sign-up: February 10th, 2021.

Registration link: bit.ly/EMLwithCrowdsource

(in referred by section add name: Dikshita Kambri, to participate in the workshop)

More resource :


Digital Marketing

Marketing is a way in which organizations reach out to their customers and interact with them. Digital marketing is doing exactly this but across the internet. The aim of digital marketing is really to get as many people over to your websites and also raising their awareness. Here awareness is getting people to know about your brand and what your brand does.

Digital marketing is growing day by day, and so we’re going to see a lot of organizations shift over from traditional marketing like newspaper, magazine, or TV advertisements to digital marketing. The other great…


What is Crowdsource?

Crowdsource is a fun, easy way to use your abilities to contribute to the building blocks of artificial intelligence (AI).
Crowdsource Android and Web apps allow users to answer quick questions in a gamified UI and help generate training data for ML.

Why crowdsource?

Your Crowdsource contributions improve Google products such as Google Translate, Maps, Photo, assistant, and many more.
And for your contributions, Crowdsource gives you e-badges as well as active contributors get some amazing goodies.

Rewards for Crowdsourcing:

You get E-badges for contribution

  1. Level 3 - Level badge (100 contributions)
  2. Level 5 - Community newsletter (300 contributions)
  3. Level 6 -Upvotes and accuracy unlock(600…

Why should we hide API key’s ?
Most of the time, when we create any web application or app we use third-party APIs to save time and increase efficiency. But by embedding an API key in your app or web application, you’re linking each request your app makes back to your developer’s billing account.
Since files are easy to reverse engineer, an attacker could conceivably extract your API key, use it in their app, and you’d get the bill.

How to hide API key?

  1. Install Dotenv module that loads environment variable from file into process. …

JavaScript scope

The scope is a very important concept in every programming language. But it works differently from language to language. Here I’ll explain JavaScript scope in detail.

in JavaScript refers to the current context of code, which determines the accessibility of variables to JavaScript.

Consider we created a function named ‘scopeconcept’. And then declare a variable x=2, And finally console log, then it will print 2 in our console.


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